From Rome to London: A History of Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes back up to the Roman Empire before the sour cake now we all know was imagined. However, their development wasn't the cake evolved from a number, an overnight development. These customs vary from breaking breadcrumbs within a bride's head to the bride putting a ring inside the cake or even a plum to detect and take that she's next to be wed. This practice was called serving the 'bride's cake', an early variant of what we now realize as the custom of a bride throwing the bouquet to choose the next girl to become wed. Learn more about Wedding Cakes London. 

It was tradition to have one for the bride, two sticks in a wedding and one for the groom. A groom's cake was bigger than the bride that was a pound cake and a fruit cake darker in color. From the early 19th century, wedding cakes have turned into a permanent part of wedding ceremonies as sugar has been becoming more broadly available to the public, even though the best white sugars that were necessary to create white icing were still just accessible from the wealthy who employed a white cake for an indication of social status to its family of the bride. The cake became more popular following icing was employed by Queen Victoria in 1840, and it took on the name of 'icing' onto her wedding cake.

The plan of this wedding cake like you can find today in London gained fame once the addition of numerous encouraged tiers on a cake turned into a clinic that was widely circulated. These were the start of the evermore and affirmed levels were viewed in a union as an indication of prosperity elaborate layouts now, we find in cake layout. Explore more about Bespoke Wedding Cake London.

In marriage, the creation of the bride and groom figurines to decorate a cake, also known 'cake toppers' turned into a symbol of unity throughout the 1950s. These statues not just make a superb contribution to a superbly they may be kept as a memento of their service. There are cake toppers that are particular to accommodate theme and the design of all kinds of the wedding. The look of cake toppers include a bride and groom but lately, a array of toppers have become accessible to represent the nature including figurines and wedding toppers.

Contemporary wedding cakes in London can be found in all types of tastes, colors, and designs that are ornamental, however, couples are deciding to make their own bespoke cakes to make sure their wedding is distinctive and celebrated. Visit for more info.